Our Inspiration

The founding of Secure Campus was inspired while Dave was visiting the campus where his wife of 25 years teaches school. The Security Director, familiar with his background in technology, expressed the need for a better system for staff to alert Security of emergency situations. Dave volunteered to research what smartphone technology was available. His findings were systems that were expensive and complicated. Dave knew the real solution had to be easy to use, especially in an emergency situation, yet able to communicate all of the relevant and necessary information to security personnel and other responders. Secure Campus provides a service that does just that. Anyone with the app is able to easily request immediate help and response during a crisis situation.

Our Mission

Create products and services for the benefit of our customers by utilizing technology to provide solutions for their unique challenges.

Our Vision

We will provide our customers with economical solutions to their specific needs with an emphasis on security and safety concerns.

Dave Blackard is the tech guy at Secure Campus.  He came up with the idea after learning about the security needs of the school where his wife teaches.  Dave has done contract IT work for companies including IBM and HP as well as worked at the corporate offices of Bank of America.  In his 25 years of IT work he has held various positions of project manager, IT director, regional manager and corporate sales.  In 2009 Dave had to stop working full time due to a disability. Since then he has volunteered to do IT work for various local non-profits.  In all of his jobs Dave has always focused on helping the customer,  basically he loves problem solving.

Wayne Rentsch is the numbers and business guy at Secure Campus.  He has a degree in accounting from the Ohio State University.  Wayne’s experience ranges from directing the accounting functions of multinational corporations to working with family owned companies. As a manager he has long been concerned that in this technology and information age, actionable details are often lost in a sea of data. Wayne is excited by the work of Secure Campus where we address our client’s security concerns with immediate, critical, “real time” information.